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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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that is >> in the news, january 22nd, antioch police are investigating a shooting at a sweet 16 party that left six people injured. some niner fans are already camped out near candlestick park as they get ready to tailgate before this afternoon's nfc championship game. >> well, it's dry now, but rain develops this morning, and by tonight getting heavy. >> all right, lisa. thank you. thank you very much for joining us. good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. six young people are recovering
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this morning after being shot at a sweet 16 party in antioch. police say about 80 people were at the house party on wilmont lane when it suddenly turned violent around 10:30 last night. police say a fight broke utility in the garage between two groups and quickly escalated into a shootout. one person was taken by helicopter to a walnut creek hospital and underwent surgery for a lead wound. others have less serious wounds. the victims age in range from 13 to 21. >> it will parties will soon be parting up a over the bay area ahead of championship game, those are football parties. and some are already camped out hoping to be one of the first to tailgate. fans from both teams are ready to claim victory. abc7s nick smith went to a local sports bar where the
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pregame celebration began last night. >> let's go giants! >> giants fans have invaded san francisco. and if sheer enthusiasm were enough to secure the nfc championship game, the crowd at aces bar in knob hill, packed to the rafters of nfl games, could decide the title game themselves. giants players arrived in san francisco to a throng of fans, focused, wearing headphones and appearing to be in complete game mode and bar owners are also in game mode. >> had to order extra beer. >> lefty's. and bar owners across the city all stressed a common theme. >> we are going to beef up security just because we know how intense the fans are in this neighborhood. >> there will be no rowdiness,
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no fist fights, no name-calling. everyone will be one happy family or otherwise they won't be here. >> and bar owners around alone. >> it's a game. >> as part of a plan for increased security, the nfl and the sfpd will do a few things different. his first, more cameras. and people will be given a card when they enter the park how to contact the police if they feel threatened. and of san francisco's cops will be undercover wearing big blue to blend in and remove violent or disrespectful fans. but these guys, they just want to have fun. >> now crowds across the city really only want to have fun, but everyone says no matter where you choose to go, get there early because everyone will adhere to fire safety codes and crowd capacity may become a concern. in san francisco, nick smith, abc7 news. believe it or not, it's not
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too late to get a ticket to the game. stub hub has about 600 resale tickets available. the lowest price was $339 for upper deck end zone seats with field box tickets selling for $900. if you go to the nfl ticket exchange, tickets range from $250 to $10,000. so what will the weather be like for this game? meteorologist lisaa is here with the answer. >> i think, carolyn, we are starting out dry right now but take a look at live doppler 7hd. well to the north of us we have rain and a storm system that is on the way. so overnight lots of cloud cover, in fact, temperatures in the low to mid-to 40s right now. and this area of low pressure and the cold front will continue to sink to the south. we will see a little light rain in the morning hours in the north bay. it will increase throughout the afternoon. by the time we hit game time expect on and off rain showers. depending on how long the game goes, we will see increasing
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rain and a little breezy conditions throughout the afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid-50s to the low 50s. but the-yet rain and the strongest winds, with a wind advisory included, will happen after midnight. so we will have the detells on that. and isogony monday morning commute come up. >> thank you, lisa. in oakland hills crews of trying to stabilize a slide before more stormy weather moves in. this morning the power is back on but sergio reports utility crews need to make sure it's safe before they can mix a broken water main. >> a chunk of wild current way is gone. it collapsed when the saturated ground gave way and crumbled on to the street below. crews figure it was because of the heavy rains dumped here friday." it's a stretch that one neighbor didn't notice much before the pavement collapsed early in the day. >> i drove over that without realizing that it happened. >> wow. >> because from the top view you
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don't know much happened until you look down and notice there's no trees. >> he and his family are more than 100 households in the area tharpe without power for a few hours. he said the lights are now back on but he doesn't have any water. >> the neighbor up the road, his house has water so we've been going up there and collecting water all day long. >> when the street and earth below collapsed it knocked out one of east bay's water lines. >> we haven't been able to get to the pipe yet. we've been able to shut it off. but we are excavating and getting to it. it's a small main. most likely it punctured it. >> they said they should have water restored quickly after they get to the waterline. >> the city is working down below. all the debris and everything at the bottom of the hill. they are hauling materials out and trying to make that habitable and safe for people down there. >> there's foe estimate yet from
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city crews as to how long it's going to take to do that. >> in oakland hills, abc7 news. >> this morning oakland police are continuing their search for a shooting suspect considered armed and dangerous. officers responded to a report of a double shooting yesterday morning near 89th and mcarthur. the suspect barricaded himself in a commercial building for five hours. when the s.w.a.t. team finally entered, he wasn't there. a family argument may have led to that shooting. >> it appears that this is over a family dispute involving three people. two of the individuals involved in this argument did suffer gunshot wounds and the third person is our suspect. >> a fire broke out in an auto repair shop shortly after the barricade ended. investigators believe it was caused by flash grenades used by the s.w.a.t. team. the two shooting victims are in the hospital but they have nonlife-threatening injuries. san francisco mayor ed lee
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is asking sheriff ross mirkarimi to do some soul searching. he questions whether mirkarimi can effectively stay in his position now that domestic abuse charges have been filed against him. lee said he plans to discuss the issue with mirkarimi soon but he also wants the former san francisco supervisor to consider his ability to perform his job while dealing with his legal case. mirkarimi faces three misdemeanor counts in connection with an argument heed with his wife on new year's eve. he's due back in court tomorrow when a judge is expected to set a trial date. anti-abortion activists took their fight to the heart of opposition yesterday. ♪ hey hey good-bye >> thousand flooded the civic center plaza marking the 39th anniversary of the supreme court's roe v. wade decision. the annual walk for life drew anti-aportion protesters from all over the country.
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they marched to justin herman plaza where they faced a group of smaller protestors that was there for reproductive justice. the tee groups were peaceful. they were also celebrating the recent passage of a san francisco law that cracks down on facilities say are anti-abortion clinics masquerading as pregnancy crisis centers. coming up, penn state former football coach joe paterno is fighting for his life this morning. we have the latest on his condition. and a big victory for south carolina. what's next in the rates s s s o
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those still having relatives missing off the coach of italy in the cruise ship are still hopeful. at least 20 people are still missing. divers are calling their work a recovery, not a rescue. abc news is reporting there's audio where captain tells the coast guard he was going to stay on the ship. the captain is now under house arrest during the investigation into alleged manslaughter and abandoning ship. this morning many penn state fans are holding a veg i will for their former football coach joe paterno. doctors say he's in serious conditions following complications from lung kansasner recent days. last night college students gathered at paterno's statue after internet reports mistakingly said he was dead. as you remember, he was no
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longer coach after the penn state sex scandal. and there's a continued battle for the republican presidential nomination. there was a setback for former frontrunner mitt romney. last month newt gingrich's campaign was on life support. he rode a huge wave of momentum in the south carolina primary. >> the biggest thing i take from the campaign in south carolina is that it is very humbling and very sobering to have so many people who so deeply want their country to get back on the right track. >> mitt romney tried to put a positive spin on his second place finish. >> this race is getting to be even more interesting. >> after his win in new hampshire, romney looked well on his way to winning the nomination, but so much for that
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three-state sweep. >> we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. >> the exit policy tell a striking story of how gingrich pulled out the win. more than half of those who went to the policy picked their candidate in the last few days. nearly half went for gingrich. two-thirds of voters identified themselves as evangelical christians. gingrich won them by a 2-1 margin. on thursday's debate gingrich won huge applause for how he handled a potentially explosive issue. his second ex-wife claimed he asked for an open marriage. >> i think the destricttive, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, makes it harder to attract good people to run for office. >> they took notice. two-thirds said the debates were important in their decision and gingrich handedly beat romney with those voters. now it's on to 1/2.
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the primary may be a must-win for mitt romney. abc news, columbia, south carolina. it looks pretty calm out there right now but you are saying not going to stay that way? >> no. we have a little rain on the way today but the heavy rain and going to come in overnight tonight. a wind advisory has been posted for 10:00 tonight through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. still high surf until 10:00, so, yes, you can say the calm before the storm. we will talk about it next. >> all right. also next, the niners and the new york giants are set to battle at the stick, possibly in the rain. mike shumann's keys to the game coming up in sports. hey guys, breakfast!
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>> good morning. this is a live look at the ferry building, all decked-out in red and gold colors as the nooners make their way toward the super bowl. we know you can do it. even if the field is a little soggy. we hope not. we hope the rain can hold off a little bit for that game. well, the sweeping strong winter storm that's going all across northern california this weekend has claimed the life of a park ranger. officials at yosemite said high
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winds uprooted a huge tree around 6:30 yesterday morning. it fell on the ranger, who was in his tent. the 27-year-old employee was staying in yosemite valley because he was waiting for the winter ski season to start. and the first storm ever the year has left about a foot of snow in the sierra. heavenly ski resort said it opened 30 runs yesterday after a long early season of making a lot of its own snow. this is what it looked like in kirk wood. but the storm brought mostly rain. it's been a disappointment for the ski resorts. they say they will need a good storm before all of the resorts are in full swing. the last notable snowfall there was in early november, which as you know, lisa, as you keep track of everything that's going on, kind of strange to be talking about the first big storm in so long. i mean, it is january. >> right, right. and this next one on the way has been upgraded to a winter storm
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warning for the sierra nevada about 4:00 this afternoon, but about the same deal. a couple inches at lake level and about a national and a half at about 7,000 feet. so once again, starting out as a warm system, but the time -- as it heads to the sierra nevada, the snow levels will lower. we will look at about an inch of precipitation here and that will translate to about a foot and a half highest elevations there. as we look at our live doppler 7hd right now you will notice that we do have rain to the north and west of us. it is going to take some time for it to move to the south. as we get a little closer, you will notice the north bay, not much going on. sea ranch, a few areas of light rain, but it will take until the overnight hours until we feel the impact of the rain and the wind with this next system. so with the cloud cover overnight, we are cool. we cleared yesterday and it was a cool afternoon.
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so numbers are right about 40 degrees in livermore and mountain view, 44 oakland. good morning, half moon bay. some fog there, 3-mile visibility along the coast. showers developing this morning. they will be light. there won't be a lot of them but as we go through the afternoon, we will see increasing rain. and then the wind will begin to pick up tonight. not until well after the game will we see those gusty winds, up to 40 miles an hour. then a try pattern begins as soon as tomorrow. so got a couple of systems headed our way. with the cloud cover out ahead of it, it will be a gray start to the morning. but we will see that rain in the north bay by about sunrise. so the wind advisory, 10:00 tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. be careful overnight tonight and tomorrow as you head on into work because with this storm system heading out of town, the winds will be quite gusty. so here we go this morning, cloud cover. as we go through the rest of the morning, the chance of rain increases. in fact, we will look for the
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light rain throughout the morning hours. here we are at 11:00 noontime. host of it in the north bay. by about 3:00 this afternoon we will see a little rain sneak down the peninsula into the east bay. look what happens by 8:00,ed:00. heavier rain and we will stop it at 2:00 in the morning. we have a band of some heavy to moderate rain across the bay area pushing south. so by 6:00 tomorrow morning it is about over. we will break out into some sunshine. the winds will bin to abade and we will see a pretty nice afternoon. 4:00 today the winter storm warning. it's been upgraded from a winter storm watch and we will see the heaviest storm above 7,000 feet and the high surf advisory until 10:00 this morning. temperatures today for the game, it will be on the cool side, cloudy. with the on and off light rain, not total washout burks we are looking at certainly not a bright, sunny afternoon. in fact with rainy conditions throughout the later afternoon, it will be a cool day well to
5:23 am
the north, upper 40s, low and mid-50s elsewhere. 56 hollister. here's the look ahead. this should do it. and then sunny and mild through the rest of the week. >> it looks so peaceful out there right now. so this rain -- >> it will take a while to get here. >> but by game time? >> yeah. >> maybe if they hurry-up and do the game and win they can beat the rain. >> yeah. >> so in sports we are just a little bit more than just a few hours away from kickoff for the nfc championship game between the niners and the new york giants. here's mike shumann with a preview in this morning's sports. >> good morning and we are down to the final four in the nfl playoffs. the patriots hosting the ravens in the afc and the nooners hosting the giants in the nfc. defense is the key in this game. they will have to step it up. gore ran for 89 yards last week and he will have to be the go-to guy, especially with wet
5:24 am
conditions. they face the giants front four, the best in football, and alex smith is confident in his offensive line. >> those guys have done it all year. we faced these guys already and they did a great job the first game. they've lot on their plate. i think they understand that. it's going to be a challenge. you know, we have a lot on our plate and it's not just them, it's all of us. we all tore of have to be a part of protection. >> the 49er defense is best with stopping the run and they will have their hands full with 260 brandon, and bradshaw. we will call them thunder and lightning. bradshaw was hurt when they played in the regular season. and the 49ers led the leg in knocking players out of games, especially running back. >> when you play physical, people get hurt. we don't want to go out and intentionally hurt anybody but when you play this game and wait we play and you play fast and carefree, some guys are going to end up getting injured. we aren't going to stop playing
5:25 am
physical. >> the giants left new york yesterday morning and they arrived in san francisco about 5:30 last night. seen at their hotel, the airport hyatt. they are the hottest team in the postseason, winning their last four, including knocking off the super bowl champiance green bay packers last week in green bay. they have respect for the niners defense. >> they make a lot of big plays on defense. obviously their offense builds off that, off short field position and scoring points so from an offensive standpoint we have to understand we ought to be very sound. everybody's mechanics have to be perfect. >> i feel like we have great focus. the anticipation is there right now. you have to make sure you don't get too excited and you get ready for the game. >> and the only thing left in the conference finals is the super bowl. 3:30 is the kickoff today for a shot at super bowl. and sharks faced a team that eliminated them from last year's
5:26 am
playoffs. fourth meet fourth the two teams. 1-0, vancouver. couture breaks free and breaks out. ties it at one. couture finishes with two goals on the day. he can score and play defense. sedin denied. tied at 3. cody throws it on net. deflects off michal handzus's hat. and anti niemmi. sharks drop their second straight, 4, the final. and in golf, tony drives. washington up, 39-33. now up 8. roaden with the alley. the other. stanford gets swept by the washington team, 76-53, the final. and usf taking on portland. dominique o'connor lays it in. they go up 2. minute and a half to go. angelo misses from three. cody with the steal and puts it back. he led them with 15. last chance for portland. down three. air ball.
5:27 am
can only manage two. they hang on to win it, 72-71. fourth round of the oszy open. the forehand shot. crosscourt. no chance for lopez. fourth set. match point for waddell. they cruise into the quarter final with a straight set victory. miners and giants today at 3:30. see you tonight at five. have a great day. >> up next at 5:30. the economic boost san francisco is getting from the big 49ers playoff game today. >> i'mna net miranda in sacramento. california drivers could be eligible for other new car insurance discount if voters approve the measure but consumer groups worry about who
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[ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >> often when doctors embark on a medical mission that's where it ends. they return home to their regular practices. sometimes it can lead to something else entirely. abc7s wade friedman has an example from uc san francisco. >> up on the fifth floor of the ucf medical center, the doctor is one of those people who never stops moving. >> how are you feeling? >> she specializes a allergies
5:40 am
and immune deficiencies. while they are patients never hear about it, she has a nickname, santa rosa. >> what does santa rosa mean? >> a saint. >> do you feel like a saint. >> i don't. >> but on this mountain village residents would beg to differ because she takes regular vacations there and not to relax. she leads medical missions. >> they don't have medicine and they don't have doctors, enough doctors to see the poor people. >> by now the doctor has taken six trips to peru but it began to dawn on her after a while merely taking care of their medical needs might not be enough. she wanted to do more. >> i mean, to fix some, but still the problem stays there. >> so she loaned the village jeffers $11,000 to restore a textile mill. she restored the building, they brought in machines and all they needed was a buyer for when they began knitting. that's where michelle from
5:41 am
san francisco enters the story. knitted baby clothes, that's all she sells out of this small store. >> i do have it in cotton. >> michelle appreciates knitting because her mother is peruvian where the art has woven itself into the culture. >> it's incredible. they spin their own yarns, die their own yarns and we've their own text times. >> they had never met each other until dr. ten learned of her place and bond wandderred in. >> she told me she had a lot of demand and didn't have enough people to make her product. i said i have a factory. >> she's a good person. i could feel it in my guts. >> she helped train the knitters. the rest would take care of itself. >> this gives them an opportunity to grow. >> how many people have you employed now? >> so far 60 families in one community and 30 in another. >> what's the difference of your money going to that village? >> the difference is that now
5:42 am
they have an income. >> so maybe now you understand why in the peruvian and disthey call dr. ten santa rosa and how good deeds sometimes do go rewarded. she's about to sign a deal with a national company. one good thing leads to another and everybody wins. >> it feels wonderful. >> in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc7 news. it is wonderful. love that story. >> look at that. lisa is here now talking about the weather. some would call that beautiful. >> yeah. we have our little break, and it was bright and sunny yesterday, although it was pretty cool. we are today looking at a cooler start. it's dry out there for now. that's going to change as we head outside this is the heavenly camera where you definitely see the snow making machines going on. it's cloudy with numbers in the mid- and upper-20s. a winter storm warning is in effect for 4:00 this afternoon in lake tahoe. back home the roof camera
5:43 am
decked-out in the red and gold, of course. so we are looking at day today that will get increasingly wet. starting out with dry conditions right now. we have snow in mount shasta, but the bulk of the rain is to the north. we will be looking at rain to slide into the bay area throughout the day today. live doppler 7hd shows the north bay dry, but they will be the first ones to see the rain later on this morning by about sunrise. so we are talking 7:21 the official start of sunrise. we will be looking at numbers in the 40s throughout the morning hours. so yesterday it was warmer, but, boy, very rainy. we are looking at another storm headed our way that will bring a good round of rain and wind. not as wet as yesterday's system. i don't think we are going to add up to two to four inches of rain, but more like an inch in the urban areas of oakland and san francisco. 42 in redwood city. right now 40 santa rosa, napa
5:44 am
and fairfield with some fog. and 49 on the coast, half moon bay. we will be looking at things going downhill throughout the day today. in fact if you want to get around, get out and do some exercising, the morning is your best shot because the showers will continue to develop. by the afternoon we will see increasing rain. the heavy rain and the wind advisory for later on tonight, in fact, overnight tonight dry pattern returns as soon as tomorrow. then we are looking at mild conditions with the numbers back in the mid-to upper 60s with morning valley fog. here's a look at our cloud cover out ahead of the system, southeasterly winds. out ahead of the next system with the gusty winds overnight tonight. just about as windy along our coast and the higher elevations from 10:00 tonight to 6:00 tomorrow morning. and throughout the morning hours it will remain quiet but we are going to see increasing chances of rain. here's a look at our computer animation. and by 9:00 the rain continues
5:45 am
to press through sonoma, marin county early afternoon. here we are at 3:00. not a lot going on but look what happens by the later evening hours. in fact by midnight, 2:00 a.m., we've got a band of some pretty good rain across san francisco into concord. then it slides south. by about 6:00 in the morning it is behind most of the bay. we will be looking at increasing sunshine. temperatures today will be cool and snow will be at lake level with a couple, about two feet, i would say, at 7,000 feet. the high surf advisory for the next couple of hours with waves as high as perhaps 20 feet. we are looking at the game time temperatures sliding from the mid-50s to the low 50s. the winds increasing. it could be kind of messy, especially the second half. numbers, boy, a lot cooler with only low 40s around clear lake. 55 in oakland and san jose with the rain heading into san jose late in the day. so the bulk of the morning will
5:46 am
be dry for most folks. notice we get out of this wet pattern quick. we are back to dry, sunny mild by tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. we will have to see what impact the weather has on the game this afternoon. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. there is a simple device developed in the bay area that could soon save the lives of mothers in developing countries. it's called the life wrap. researchers at ucsf have high hopes for its straightforward design. here's health and science reporter carolyn johnson with the details. >> the number three panel goes around the level of the woman's thigh. >> the pregnant woman on this table is a volunteer. but if an actual delivery were to trigger a hemorrhage. ucsf researcher said the garment she's wrapping her in could mean the difference between life and death. >> we've had great success saving women's lives. >> the rubberized fabric acts like a full body tourniquet to stop bleeding and force blood
5:47 am
back into the mother's organs. they are testing it in parts of the world where they could at this time deaths in half. >> if they are far from skilled care they need something to buy them time so they can get to the kind of facility where they can get a blood transfusion or get surgery. that's what the anti-shock garment does, it buys time. >> she says hemorrhage is the number one killer of women of childbearing age in places like africa. we recently visited with clinic in sierra leone, a country until recently had the highest maternal death rate in the world. in part because the vast majority of women in rural areas there still give birth at home, making complications very difficult to manage. >> we encourage them not to do home deliveries. >> but even in clinics, challenges remain. ucsf team is hoping to present results from its current clinical trial to the world health organization. if the life wrap is added to the organization's approved medical device list, it would clear the
5:48 am
way for donors to provide it to pour countries, potentially saving thousands of lives. >> that's it. >> carolyn johnson, abc7 news. the life wrap costs less than $300, and each can be used several dozen times. miller's team is hoping to complete their trial in about two years and then present the data to the world health organization. coming up next, the parking scramble. the new talking app that tells you where to find the closest spot. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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san francisco's subway project is forcing two muni lines to change their route. the 30 stockton and 45 union stockton routes have been reroute today stutter street. those changes are expected to be in effect for four years. that's the length of time planned for construction around union square for the new central subway.
5:51 am
that subway is expected to be operational in 2019. there's a new tool that might help boost your parking karma in san francisco. it's an app that talks to you, guide you to the nearest open spot. abc7's alan wang teas it on a test drive. >> turn left. then turn left on to jackson street. >> it's just a big green button that guides you to the nearest open parking spot in san francisco. >> you were arriving to destination. turn south. >> there is one available space on this block. congratulations! >> where is it? there it is. >> there it is. >> david designed voice park. it uses data from existing parking sensors installed by the san francisco municipal transportation agency which designed the park app. but he thought it was too difficult to use while driving. >> you have to interpret the color codes as to what is
5:52 am
available, what is not available. and you have to navigate as if you were holding a paper map while you are driving. >> voice park is as realtime information on more than 19,000 parking spots in 8 pilot areas around san francisco. >> there are 838 available spaces in the garage. >> it also knows when commercial spots are open to the public, and it refreshes every 8 seconds. >> however, if somebody snags that, in that 8 seconds, it will recalculate and take you to the nearest one after that. >> to see how good it really is, we decided to let an expert at finding parking spots use the app, the parking valet. >> i pick up a spot on pine street, about a block and a half from here, and we went around the block and there was a spot open. >> that easy? >> that easy. >> but it couldn't keep up with quick u-turns and sudden changes. it doesn't anticipate temporary construction zones either. but he said it's a work in progress and the first of its
5:53 am
kind. in less than a month, 30,000 more spots will be available. in san francisco, allen wong, abc7 news. well, the app developer hopes to make it available in 50 cities by the end of the year. straight ahead, the george lucas-produced red tails hits the big screen. does it soar or misfire? don sanchez's "on the isle" review is next.
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only at verizon. the screen this morning. a story that was a labor of love. here's don sanchez of his on the isle review of red tails. >> may day, may day! prepare to bale out. >> american bombers under attack over italy in world war ii. they need new fighter escorts. maybe these guys. >> we've got to take it off. low so they can't hit them. >> it's my decision, stay in
5:56 am
formation. >> in a film where dialogue is not the primary driving force, he doesn't. >> gotcha! >> they are the tuskeegee airmen. racism was rampant. >> we have a right to fight for our country the same as every other american. >> terrence howard lobbying letting them join the battle. and he inspires troops on the ground. these flyers had to prove their worth and overcome prejudice. >> you sign up, and that would be end of 100 years ever bigotry. put your head up, son. you are a fighter pilot. >> george lukas kaspar did the film on his own. big studios were not interested. this gives us a chance to cheer and thank the veterans. >> from the last plane to the last bullet to the last minute to the last man we fight.
5:57 am
>> we fight. >> we fight. >> we fight! >> george lukas kaspar has called this a live action comic book. it's old-fashioned and corny. sort of seems like it was filmed in 1944. it's like star wars except the world war ii planes replace the space fighters. it soars in the area action. the dialogue brings it back down-to-earth. but you have to give lucas credit for bringing the tuskeegee story to a new generation. i'll give it half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. see you on the isle. >> the year of the the dragon starts tomorrow. yesterday folks packed the plaza shopping for gifts and decorations. the lunar new year bazaar is held every year in oakland's china town. the now years eve festival continues today at the santa clara county fair grounds.
5:58 am
san francisco's big new year's parade is not until february 11th. coming up at 6:00, the hottest ticket in town as the niners get ready for today's nfc championship game. and crews work into the night shoring up the landslide in the east bay.
5:59 am
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